Why the Odoms need me.

My name is Ashton Phillips and am a 22-year-old North Texas girl from the DFW. I am such a fan of the Kardashians and Lamar, but I am mostly passionate about expressing my creativity and drive through my work.

The minute I heard the news of Lamar being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, I instantly knew I wanted to try and catch their attention. It must be so stressful to be uprooted, surprised and told you have to adjust your entire lifestyle. So what better way to help with a smooth segue than to hire a personal assistant from the DFW? With that being said, I am a hard working, loyal and obsessive-compulsive, yet a laid-back young girl looking to find her dream job working with Khloe! Not only will Lamar have tons of events, practices and will need help updating his merchandise site, but Khloe will have tons of shoots, errands to run, trips back to Cali, and not to mention the perfume lines, DASH brands and the new Sears line! Wow, a PA is much needed.

I will be graduating from the University of North Texas this coming May. I am a senior majoring in Strategic Communications. With my degree in Strat Comm (Advertising and PR) as well as my minor and three years experience as a Marketing Communications Coordinator, I could not only assist, but project manage all of the insanity that comes with Khloe and Lamar’s careers. I have been in charge of schedules, project flow and implementation, as well as worked three conferences in the past. I am one of those workers who learns your behaviors, preferences and then some through shear observance. With that being said, I am quick to problem solve before a problem  surfaces, and never forget anything crucial. If anything, I am overly prepared and can anticipate the next steps.

Basically, I have some bad-ass initiative and work ethic. Plus, I am crazy-fun and kinda in love with Khloe’s one-offs, wit and potty-mouth.


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  1. Get it girll!! You would be the BEST assistant!! 🙂

  2. I can personally attest for your awesome work ethic, ability to organize everything and total professionalism. No one has more common sense and street smarts than you do! I highly recommend you!

  3. Goodluck! But they already had a relative in mind. i contacted them in l.a when Malika left. I’m sure you’ll capture your dream one day! Goodluck

  4. The only thing I can say is……”that’s my lil girl and I am proud of it”! Plan your work and work your plan…….dare to dream and do everything you can to fulfill them! Good luck and I love you!

  5. If I was famous, I’d hire you! Best of luck! They would be fools to not hire you!

  6. I can also attest to your work ethic, passion, creativity, precision, and level of maturity. Ashton, those attributes will take you a long way. You will make a outstanding assistant!

  7. Ashton You would be the best PA in the world!! I have no doubt in my mind!!! You go girl!!!!! Khloe and Lamar could be so lucky to hire you!!! They would be making a huge mistake if they didn’t!! They would never find anyone that would be as devoted as you!!!

  8. Ashton as we cast forward into the future you have provided an excellent example and definition of what marketing will look like. I’m not talking about old-school marketing communications. Companies are looking for expert online marketers who know how to create a buzz of inbound marketing or viral traffic through the web, social media, and content discovery. Writing a good press release just doesn’t cut it anymore, as everyone is looking for the savvy online marketing professional who understands how the current state of the web operates and knows how to make it work to their benefit. Job well done!

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